Sunday, September 27, 2015

Additional Optional Class Reunion Activity on Sat., Oct 17: a Fish-fry!

This weekend I was very pleased to hear from classmate Nicole Bristow-Lacy.  She told me about another opportunity for classmates to gather and enjoy each other's company during our upcoming Class of 1985 Reunion Weekend.

Here are the details:

In addition to the tail-gate prior to the Homecoming game on Friday, October 16 and the game itself and then the party at Hudson Brothers Deli with live music provided by classmate Philip Neal's band, we also have a fish-fry on Saturday before the official evening festivities.

Nicole wrote that "A few classmates will be hosting a fish-fry for all Class of '85, to continue celebrating 30 years ..." 

Date: October 17, 2015
Time: 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Where: East Rockingham Park-Center, 135 Safie Sixth St. Rockingham NC, 28379

Although there is no charge; Nicole and her fellow hosts would greatly appreciate the support from everyone to help make this event the most memorable reunion ever.

More details about the fish-fry will be available at the game Friday night.

If you have any questions or concerns about the fish-fry, then please feel free to contact the following: Sandy Jones, Casey Goodwin, Nicole Bristow-Lacy or Tabatha Maultsby-Tate.

So, I'm sure there will be other opportunities for groups small and large to gather as we celebrate 30 years.  If so, and you'd like them posted and shared far and wide then let me know and I'll get the word out.

Meanwhile, don't forget about all the other activities we have planned and also don't forget that the cost goes up $5 if you haven't RSVP'd by mail, in-person or online by October 1stGo to this link HERE for details on all of this!

-- Wayne Goodwin, Class President
-- or 910-997-1301

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Reunion Registration Will Increase on October 1st: Register TODAY.

This is another courtesy reminder for everyone about our 30-Year High School Reunion on October 16-17 ...

Many classmates have registered and paid in whole or in part their registration monies.
Some others have been procrastinating or perhaps sitting on the fence, not knowing whether they'd go or not.
If you're in the last group, then maybe this will help:  Register NOW and you'll save the $5 that gets added to those who sign up on October 1st or later!
If you who want to mail in your Reunion Registration payment instead of paying online, then mail your check or money order made payable to "RSHS Class of 1985 Reunion" and mail your payment to
Misty Britton Barnes
159 Beane Run
Rockingham, NC 28379
$45 per classmate
$30 per guest
Remember: After October 1, the cost increases to $50 per classmate, $30 per guest.

... So, when you show up at the door for the reunion, you'll either pay the balance you owe (even if you've only paid $10, $20, etc. so far) or you'll pay the full amount of $50 for you and then another $30 if you bring a guest.

Reunion is October 16-17. For a current summary of details, about reunion weekend go to .... Register TODAY by clicking HERE and save $5.

Richmond Raiders Class of 1985 is the best, and that's you!  I hope to see you soon.  We have a great group

- Wayne Goodwin, Class President

P.S.  Please post reminders on your Facebook or other social media pages.  There are some classmates we still do not have a current mailing address for.  They include Ruth Allen, Wayne Bell, Janice Robinson, Wayne Strong, and Angela Strong. If you can reach them, share the above Class Reunion news with them and any other classmates you stay in touch with these days.

* * * * * *

UPDATE 9/28/2015:  We have a Saturday midday fish-fry as an additional activity for classmates.  Read more about it by clicking on this link HERE.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tonight's Class Reunion Update and New Details for Classmates!

Tonight the Reunion Planning Committee had a very productive, next-to-last meeting at Hudson Brothers Deli in Rockingham before our 30-Year Reunion Weekend on October 16-17.

In addition to getting the latest update, while we were sitting there three (3) additional classmates unexpectedly came up and registered for the reunion on the spot!  (With that type of unplanned sign-up, perhaps the committee should hang out at the Hudson Brothers Deli bar every night ... )

Most plans have been finalized, and we're now sending reminders out to classmates by U.S. Mail and email, most especially to those who haven't yet responded.

On or after October 1st, the registration fee increases by $5 .... presently $45 per classmate and $30 per guest ... so go ahead, save $$, and register TODAY! ... For more details, read below or go to
...To register & pay by mail, write Misty Britton Barnes, 159 Beane Run, Rockingham NC 28379. ...

...To register & pay online, here's the revised link via Internet by clicking on this link here. Feel free to share it with folks online as much as possible!

Here are additional refined or revised details about our Class Reunion Weekend:

Friday, October 16
6PM -- Tailgate With Tommy Harrington, Curtis Ingram and Friends; hot dogs, fish, etc. etc. No charge.  Look for the banner or signs. Richmond Raider Stadium

7:30PM -- Sit together on Visitor Side, Richmond Raider Stadium, preferably wearing Richmond Raider Class of 1985 T-shirt being sold by Tommy Harrington (not required); Tommy's phone number is 910-206-2550

Halftime of Homecoming Football game (or earlier) -- recognition of the Class of 1985 by the game announcer -- We need you there to cheer and represent our class!

8:30PM  -- classmates and guests not attending the football game may begin to arrive at Hudson Brothers Deli (upstairs) for a Late Night Friday Social in Rockingham

9PM -- Our own Richmond Raiders Class of 1985 member, Phillip Neal, and his band will begin performing live for several hours at Hudson Brothers Deli. Classmates may enjoy each other's company there until 1AM as part of our Late Night Friday Social.

9:30PM thru 1AM -- Classmates who attended the football game will meet up with the others at Hudson Brothers Deli on the second floor for music, fellowship, and hors d'oeuvres, etc.  Alcoholic beverages are at the expense of individuals.

Saturday, October 17
Morning or early afternoon --- Though not a formal part of the Reunion plans, you (and your children, if in town with you) are encouraged to visit Discovery Place, or enjoy Patton's Grill, both on Washington Street in Rockingham.  You may recall at past reunions we had a picnic at a local park; we're trying something different this time.

Afternoon --- Though not a formal part of the Reunion plans, you and classmates are encouraged to have informal fellowship time in Richmond County.  You may recall at past reunions we had a picnic at a local park; we're trying something different this time.  If you'd like some publicity for any of your smaller reunion-related gatherings, let us know the details and maybe some additional classmates will join in!

7:30PM (Note: this is a revised time) -- Doors open at Rockingham Moose Lodge for our official reunion party and program!  The recommended clothing style is "not casual" --- That leaves a wide range of clothing options for women and men alike. Remember, this is a celebration and a party and there will be photographs!

8PM -- The live DJ will begin playing your favorite and diverse arrangement of musical hits from the 1980s through the present, and take your requests.

9:30PM -- We will begin a short program, including a welcome. Then throughout the evening, perhaps once every hour, we will stop for a short additional programs, including games, recognitions, and a memorial for those classmates who are now deceased.

1AM -- Shortly before this time, the DJ will play the final song of the night and then the reunion concludes.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

30-Year Reunion Planning Committee to Meet Tuesday, Sept 15th in Rockingham

All members of the Class of 1985 Reunion Planning Committee are reminded to attend Tuesday's (Sept 15) meeting at Hudson Brothers Deli in Rockingham.  We will meet at 5PM. It's expected we will conclude by 6:30PM. Topics:  Updates, potential envelope stuffing, and delegation of final action items before next month's 30-year reunion.

If you haven't attended before, then that's OK. And if you have attended before, then don't miss this particular meeting if at all possible. This is an important meeting as reunion weekend grows closer.  Dinner is optional and Dutch treat.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Question of the Week: Where Do I Mail My Check?

If you who want to mail in your Reunion Registration payment for our October 16-17 Class Reunion instead of paying online, then mail your check or money order made payable to "RSHS Class of 1985 Reunion" and mail your payment to

Misty Britton Barnes
159 Beane Run
Rockingham, NC 28379
$45 per classmate
$30 per guest
After October 1, the cost increases to $50 per classmate, $30 per guest.
Of course, you may also very easily pay online using your debit or credit card.  Click on the link on this homepage or the website identified below.
Keep in mind that you can make partial payments, but the balance due must be paid no later than upon entry at the Rockingham Moose Lodge on October 17.  Even if you make a partial payment now, you save $5 by making at least a $10+ payment now.
For details, look at my previous email to you or click on this link here or go to ....

Have We Heard From You? It's Not Too Late, But Just In Time!

Dear Fellow Members of the Richmond Raiders Class of 1985:

Have we heard from you?

Are you planning to attend our 30th High School Reunion next month?

If you haven’t yet responded to emails, letters, ads, public announcements and word-of-mouth requests we've been sending for much of the last year, or if for some reason you haven’t heard about our class reunion until now, then it is NOT TOO LATE ... there is still time to register!

As I hope you know, during Richmond Raider Homecoming Weekend of October 16-17, 2015 we will celebrate 30 Years since our high school graduation.  Here are the specific costs and plans:


Order a Class of 1985 reunion t-shirt by contacting Tommy Harrington ASAP.  You may reach him at 910-206-2550 or via Facebook.  Though not required, we encourage classmates to wear it to the Homecoming Football Game.  He’s only obtaining t-shirts for those who pre-order them.

Before October 1st (preferably NOW)

If you haven’t already done so, please notify us if you will attend the reunion.  $45 per classmate, $30 for a guest.  (The amount is less than our 2010 reunion and about the same cost as our 2000 and 2005 reunions.)  If after October 1st you haven’t made either a partial payment or a full payment, then the cost changes to $50 per classmate, $30 for a guest.  Please either mail your check or money order payable to "RSHS Class of 1985 Reunion" to Misty Britton, 159 Beane Run, Rockingham NC  28379 or go online to  to pay with a credit card online.  If you have any questions, then email me at

Friday, October 16

7PM  Homecoming Football game, Richmond Raider Stadium – we will try to sit together as a class – watch for signs on where to sit.  The Class of 1985 will be recognized publicly during the game.  (Note:  before the game classmate Tommy Harrington, Curtis Ingram and others are planning to “tailgate” in the parking lot with hot dogs, etc.  More details to come.)

Approx 9PM - 1AM Hudson Brothers Deli Restaurant, Rockingham – Whether you attend the football game or not, we will gather for live music, hors d’oeuvres, dancing, and fellowship.  No formal program.  Adult beverages are at your own expense.  Very casual attire.

Saturday, October 17

6PM – 1AM  Rockingham Moose Lodge – Great food, live DJ with favorite music from the 1980s through the present, dancing, games & door prizes, photographs, & a program similar to our past reunions.  Lots of fun!  Lots of opportunity to catch up with long-time friends!  We will provide opportunities for photo sharing after the reunion.  As for the attire, we encourage classmates and guests to dress in a nice, appropriate way – no shorts, no cut-offs – but what you’d wear out to a party. (Note:  Instead of our usual casual Saturday cookout during the day prior to the evening event, this year we suggest folks and their kids, etc., visit the new Discovery Place in downtown Rockingham (more details to follow) or plan your own smaller gatherings before meeting up later that night at the Moose Lodge.)

If you’ve already paid some portion of the registration, then you must pay the balance at the reunion as you enter the Moose Lodge. 
If, however, you have *not* RSVP’d by October 1st and have *not* paid anything by October 17th, then at that point the cost is $50 per classmate, $30 per guest.

To keep updated on the class reunion as it approaches, go to this website:  … We may be posting ideas, suggestions, and a potential block of rooms at one of Richmond County’s hotels/motels.

Get on board -- RSVP now by clicking on this link -- or mail in your check NOW ... and spread the word ... The Class of 1985 is ready to celebrate!

On behalf of the Richmond Raider Class of 1985 Reunion Planning Committee, I am,

Wayne Goodwin, Class President
Cell phone #:
Twitter: @WayneGoodwinNC

P.S. Again, RSVP by clicking here!  To have an approximate head count for the Saturday evening portion of the reunion, we need to hear from you NOW.  You don’t want to miss our 30-year reunion!