Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We Need Updated Addresses for These Classmates, Part 1

Kay Baldwin (Overby)
Cathy Covington Johnson
Stephanie Gilmore
Vanessa Hardee Johnson
Celena McQueen (Harris)
Jeff Mohn
Bobbie Nunley (Griggs)
Tanya Patrick Mercer
Sherrie Kelly Ramella
Roger Sikes
Debra Lee Smith
Henrietta Wall

Please let me know the recent mailing address or email address you have for the above persons, or any other helpful information that will help us track down our classmates (whether on the list above or not)! ... I anticipate that there will be additional names added as returned/unforwardable/unreceived letters come back to the Post Office. ... The mailing list from which we're working dates back to at least 2005, so we expect updates are needed as folks have moved around, changed jobs, married or re-married, etc. ... Stay tuned to this developing list.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Reunion Gala Invitation Letter to Classmates - Appearing in your U.S. Mailbox Soon!

March 29, 2010

Dear Classmate:

As our Class President, I am pleased to send your formal invitation to CELEBRATE the very special occasion of an historic milestone for us Richmond Raiders: the Silver Anniversary of our graduation. Yep, that’s right – 25 years. Can you believe we’ve already traveled that far since turning our tassels and accepting our high school diplomas, and made the first steps a quarter-century ago toward adulthood, careers, and families?

For the record-breaking 200 classmates who joined us at our reunion five years ago, or those who attended any of our other reunions, or even those who haven’t been able to join us until now … this year’s celebration is extra-special. In fact, by an online vote of approximately one-fourth of the class last year, a strong majority of those voting chose to have this party as a step above the other reunions we’ve had because of its uniqueness.

For that reason, the class selected August 7, 2010 and the historic Pinehurst Hotel in Pinehurst, North Carolina for our PARTY. (We’ve had detailed info about this for several months on our Facebook page and our class blog.)

Here is what I ask you to do as soon as possible:

(1) Review the attached reunion schedule, labeled “A”. (Note: Will appear separately on blog.)

(2) Using the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope or your email address, either mail the enclosed “B” or email your plans to attend by the deadlines, keeping in mind the significant $$ discounts for prompt responders – the next deadline is April 30.

(3) Mail in either a partial payment of $50 or more or the whole amount in order to lock in for the discount. (We will know by June whether we will be able to accept credit card payments. We’ll keep you posted.)

(4) Review the attached info about the Pinehurst Hotel on “C” and, if you wish to reserve a room and take advantage of discounted room rates and family fun and the resort’s special amenities, then make your reservation no later than June 27. … We lose our unused block of rooms after that date. … If you choose to stay overnight elsewhere in Moore County, then see “C” for alternative lodging. … No one is required to stay at Pinehurst Hotel or any hotel for that matter. It is wholly discretionary and we obtained a block of rooms to offer attendees as a matter of ease and safety.

(5) Please send committee members all updated postal addresses, email addresses, photographs and interesting news about classmates ASAP. Unlike our first two reunions in 1990 and 1995, we now have the wonderful organizing tools of the Internet and various social networking sites. (Who knows … we might even upload available video onto YouTube from several of our past class reunions. Just kidding!)
In closing, we will never have another reunion of this size. There is only one 25-year reunion. The next milestone of this nature will be many years from now. Please don’t miss this opportunity to come together in August 2010 and re-connect with long-ago friends and classmates, plus some surprise guests.

So, let’s prepare for a fun-filled weekend and the best Richmond Raider reunion party there ever has been – I look forward to seeing you at our best and largest reunion yet!


President, RSHS Class of 1985


or, go to our Facebook Page: search “Richmond Senior Class of 1985”

Early Registration Period (first 30 classmates by March 1): $70.25/person

Second Early Registration Period (by April 30): $75/person

Payment plan: You may make up to three installments through July 1.

Regular Registration Period (postmarked after April 30): $80/person

Late Registration for classmates, guests, and special visitors (postmarked after June 30): $100/person
Make your check or money order to:

“RSHS Class of 1985 Reunion” and mail as soon as possible to:
P.O. Box 1654, Hamlet NC 28345

*Note: We hope to have the capacity to handle online payments soon.

Recommended Attire for Evening Gala: Summer Business Casual or Formal (your choice)