Sunday, August 1, 2010

Final Schedule for 2010 Raider Reunion Weekend, Aug 6-8

There is something for EVERYONE in our Class of 1985 - and those visiting with our class - during our 25 year reunion gala weekend!

Friday, Aug 6

Tommy Harrington is hosting an informal, unofficial, casual dance that evening at The Ballroom on Hamlet Avenue in Hamlet. The cost of that event is NOT part of your registration fee for the official events.

Meanwhile, now for a special message from Karen Strong Allen, Misty Britton Barnes, and other women from the Class of 1985 who are having a "Ladies' Night Out" in Pinehurst:
"Misty Britton Barnes, Kim Payne Leberth, Robin Thrower McRae, and Karen Strong Allen are having dinner at the Bell Tree downtown Southern Pines on Friday, August 6th at 7:30! Please come join us if you'd like."
Check in with any of them via their email or Facebook accounts for more information, or I can put you in touch with them. This is also an unofficial event..

I've heard of other small groups of classmates getting together. As I get the specifics on those and if the organizers would like those gatherings publicized, then I'll update the blog post here.

Saturday, Aug 7

A casual Picnic in the Park will be from 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 pm until at Castlewood Park, right off of Ledbetter Road in Rockingham, not far from the high school. Light lunch available for $7 per person. Family and children are welcome. Rain or shine, unless really really bad weather. This is an OFFICIAL event of the Class Reunion Planning Committee.

(I understand that there are some groups of classmates going golfing or shopping or otherwise enjoying the day in Pinehurst/Southern Pines/Rockingham/Hamlet. These are unofficial events and are coordinated by various folks.)

Reception at historic Pinehurst Hotel from 6 pm til 7 pm. This is also the time for registration/check-in for later events that evening at the hotel. No charge for the reception except for adult beverages. This is an OFFICIAL event of the Class Reunion Planning Committee.

Seated Richmond Raider Reunion Dinner at historic Pinehurst Hotel in the Carolina Ballroom, starting at 7 pm. The cost of the dinner/program/photo/dance is $80 per person, which includes a photo CD memento of the evening. Richmond Raiders from other classes graduating between 1982 and 1988 are welcome to attend the dinner and/or the dance, below. No matter what class you are in, it is highly encouraged that you give us a heads-up that you're attending, if possible, before the weekend so we will have enough dinners prepared by the chef. This is an OFFICIAL event of the Class Reunion Planning Committee.

The official Reunion Program begins approximately 8 pm at the Pinehurst Hotel. We will recognize all classmates in attendance and special guests. We will also have a moment of silence for classmates who are deceased, and begin a series of awards and door prizes. This is an OFFICIAL event of the Class Reunion Planning Committee.

Approximately 8:30 pm we will take the official Class of 1985 Reunion Photo. Only persons who have registered for either the dinner or the dance are eligible for the photos and CD memento from the reunion. This is an OFFICIAL event of the Class Reunion Planning Committee.

The 80s Reunion Dance begins right after the class photo, approximately 8:40 pm and lasts until 1 a.m. As you'd expect, and by special request, we will be highlighting a lot of 80s music for our listening, dancing, and reminiscing pleasure! For those persons who did not attend the dinner, the cost for attending the dance only is $25 per person. This is an OFFICIAL event of the Class Reunion Planning Committee.

Sunday, Aug 8

Our classmate, the Rev. Kirby Woodard, has invited those classmate who will and are able to attend his church for Morning Worship Services. (After the reunion gala the night before, church may very well be a better idea than normal!) Kirby's church is St. Stephens AME Zion Church, 407 West Avenue, in Hamlet. The time is approximately 11 a.m. More details at the reunion. This is an unofficial part of the gala weekend, but is recommended by the Class Reunion Planning Committee.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

WE HAVE WINNERS! Class of 1985 Reunion Contest Winners Announced ...

Approximately two weeks ago we held a contest for members of the Class of 1985. These classmates competed for either of two categories of prizes – either (1) a free room for one night during our upcoming reunion weekend at Pinehurst Hotel … AND … a pair of free tickets to the seated dinner, program, and dance on the night of Saturday, August 7; or, (2) a pair of free tickets to the seated dinner, program and dance on the night of Saturday, August 7.

Sponsoring these prizes are Wayne Goodwin - our NC Commissioner of Insurance, the first Richmond Raider elected to statewide office in the history of the school, and President of the Class of 1985.

We are very pleased to announce the following winners:

Kevin Grooms and a guest
Krystal Allen Gomiller and a guest
Regina Hawks Yingling and a guest
Ron Barnes and a guest
Lillian Renee Blakley and a guest
Michelle Caulder Meyer and a guest
Allen Williams and a guest
Jackie Robinson (her guest is classmate, Carolyn McNeill)
Wayne Bell and a guest
Donald Harrington and a guest
Tom Pangborn and a guest
Tanya Patrick Mercer and guest (Gene Mercer, Class of '84)
Sherry Honeycutt Cote and a guest
Nicole Bristow-Lacy and a guest
Doris Ledbetter Page and a guest
* * * * *

We ask each of the winners to verify by email to, phone to 910-997-1301, or a message on Facebook that they’ve received this message and that both tickets will be used. When the winners arrive at Pinehurst Hotel just identify yourselves at our Class Reunion registration table downstairs as you go in at Carolina Hall.

Meanwhile, many thanks to all who participated in the contest, both those who won and those who did not (this time)! There will be other contests for classmates attending the reunion both before and at the reunion, so please stay tuned …

And, REMEMBER, for those who haven’t registered for the reunion yet … you may do so securely online by either debit card or credit card, just go to clicking on Or, if you plan on paying at the door, for planning purposes please do go ahead and give us a heads-up so we’ll have enough places set for dinner.

The Class of 1985 Reunion 25-Year Reunion Gala is just two weeks away!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Reunion Planning Committee Meets Tomorrow Night, July 19

Whether you've joined us before or not, if you're interested in helping out with the final stage of the reunion then plan on being at Hudson Brothers Deli in uptown Rockingham between 5:45 and 7 pm on Monday, July 19.

We will go over several action items, receive updates, and have a light dinner.

For more information, call (910) 997-1301.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Richmond County Daily Journal Publicizes Upcoming Reunion

Class of 1985 plans series of events for its graduates but also invites Richmond Raider classmates from the classes of 1982-1984 and 1986-88 to join in the fun celebrating growing up in the 80s.

Read more at this link to the newspaper article.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Savings and Additional Options for Classmates and Guests!

Great news, everybody -- we've gotten the late fee dropped by $20 per person, so to enjoy the nice seated dinner at Pinehurst Hotel on August 7 (and attend the dance, plus get the photo/memory CD, door prizes, awards, etc etc), it's only $80 per person.

If you cannot attend the dinner for some reason, then to attend the program and 80s dance ONLY, it is $25 per person.

Go to the home page of this website to pay securely online or make your payment by mailing it to P.O. Box 1654, Hamlet NC 28345, or pay at the door. A courtesy RSVP by email ( or phone (910-997-1301) is greatly appreciated.

We also have some free events in Rockingham and Pinehurst for classmates to attend.

Meanwhile, as the middle class of the 80s decade, we are also inviting Richmond Raiders classmates from 1982 through 1988 who attended with us to join in the evening. We have lots to celebrate and fun to be had.

Watch this site for more details to come!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Classmate Kevin Grooms Needs Your Help!

Kevin Grooms, our 1985 classmate who has mostly lived in Charlotte since graduation, has asked for help from his fellow Richmond Raiders. He is sponsoring a child in Central America and is getting close to his fundraising goal that will help build a home for the child and family. To learn more details, go to the Children International page found on Kevin's website link here at this link:

Here is what Kevin sent me in an email:

I have something neat I'd like to tell you about. For the past 8.5 years, I have sponsored a kid in Central America through a great non-profit in Kansas City, MO by the name of Children International. My kid's name is Gerardo; he's 17 now. I actually went to visit/meet him at the end of January. I was in Panama first, then went on to Honduras to be with Gerardo. I am now in the process of raising money to build him and his family a simple home with their own parcel of land. If you get a chance, take a look at the link to my fundraising page below. A contribution would be tax deductible. Feel free to consider donating,... but also, feel free to pass this along to my classmates.
Through your kind, small contributions Kevin will reach the goal. If you are inclined, then please help or spread the word to those who are. Thanks!

If you want to contact Kevin directly, his email address is

Friday, June 25, 2010

One Year Ago: Reunion Committee Starts Meeting

It is hard to believe that one year ago our Class of 1985 had its first formal planning meeting relating to our 25-year reunion. Though many emails and calls and letters had already started to go out - and many more would follow later in the subsequent months to classmates hither and yon - the interest is now beginning to grow by the week as the big weekend approaches.

Coincidentally, as we conducted the first formal in-person meeting it came over the speakers at Hudson Brothers Deli that Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, had died in California. Shocking, unexpected news it was.

Just as it hard to believe it's been 25 years since our high school graduation, and already a year since the planning committee started its official work, it is equally hard to imagine that the man who made "the Moonwalk" famous is gone.

I assure you that among the many 80s songs played during our reunion dance you will find a good sampling of Michael Jackson's work.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reunion Update and Good News!

As we've done at our other class reunions, we will have a casual picnic in Rockingham on Saturday midday, Aug 7. More details in the letter going out to classmates approx July 4.We have only a handful of rooms left in our Richmond Raider Class of 1985 block at the hotel. After June 27 the remaining rooms are let go.

As for the dinner at historic Pinehurst Hotel, we've persuaded officials to keep the price at $80 per person. Remember that includes a nice seated dinner, photographs and your own copy of a memory book for your attendance at the reunion, and the cost of the dance and door prizes. More special details on the dance in the July 4th mailing.

And, remember, you can register and pay securely online with your credit card/debit card by going to, which is here on the home page of this website/blog.

Don't miss the best reunion we've ever had!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Reunion Planning Committee Meets June 7: Your Help Needed

The Reunion Planning Committee for the RSHS Class of 1985 will meet at 6 pm on Mon., June 7 at Hudson Brothers Deli in Rockingham.

Only two months remain until the Aug 7th reunion! For more details, or call Wayne Goodwin, 910-997-1301. Help us get the word out to classmates as we celebrate 25 years.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Postcard Reminder Goes Out This Week; Excitement Building

After this week's very productive meeting of the reunion planning committee, classmates who have provided us their current mailing address will receive a postcard reminder about the Reunion Gala and the registration deadlines.

The text reads like this:

Richmond Raiders Class of ‘85

Aug 7, 2010 / Historic Pinehurst Hotel, Pinehurst NC

If you haven’t registered, it’s NOT too late!

Go to
or call (910) 997-1301 or email

Registration: $80/person (until June 30),
payable to “RSHS 1985 Reunion Committee”

Late registration: $100/person (after June 30)

Registration includes elegant seated dinner, live DJ, dancing, photos, etc. Hotel rooms also available. Ask for “Richmond ‘85 Reunion block”.

Don’t Miss Our Best Party Ever!
* * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, many thanks go out to Curtis Ingram, Karen Strong Allen, Misty Britton Barnes, Marcella McDonald, Sharon Gibson Gardner, and Kim Payne LeBerth for their help this week. In previous meetings over the last year we've had the terrific assistance of Gus Bellamy, Gina Goodman Burgin, Kirby Woodward, Missy McNeill, Bobby Mabe, and others.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Reunion Planning Committee Next Meets Monday, May 10

You are invited to attend our next meeting of our Class of '85 Reunion Planning Committee. It will be this coming Monday, between 6 and 8 pm, May 10th, at Hudson Brothers Deli in Rockingham.

For details or questions, please call (910) 997-1301 or email, or reply to this blogpost or our Facebook page.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

We Need Updated Addresses for These Classmates, Part 2

Betty Black Wilkerson
Tina Brigman Melton
Kevin Butler
Hugh Campbell
Audrey Fifer Eaton
Glenn Hall
James M. Hall
Dawn Neal Hatcher
Yvette Johnson
Missy McNeill Collins
Scott Medlin
Ray Poole
Craig Rainwater
Malynda Scholl Campbell
Susan Sweatt
Tammy Thompson

Please let me know the recent mailing address or email address you have for the above persons, or any other helpful information that will help us track down our classmates (whether on the list above or not)! Also look at some additional names by clicking here at this link ... I anticipate that there will be additional names added as returned/unforwardable/unreceived letters come back to the Post Office. ... The mailing list from which we're working dates back to at least 2005, so we expect updates are needed as folks have moved around, changed jobs, married or re-married, etc. ... Stay tuned to this developing list.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We Need Updated Addresses for These Classmates, Part 1

Kay Baldwin (Overby)
Cathy Covington Johnson
Stephanie Gilmore
Vanessa Hardee Johnson
Celena McQueen (Harris)
Jeff Mohn
Bobbie Nunley (Griggs)
Tanya Patrick Mercer
Sherrie Kelly Ramella
Roger Sikes
Debra Lee Smith
Henrietta Wall

Please let me know the recent mailing address or email address you have for the above persons, or any other helpful information that will help us track down our classmates (whether on the list above or not)! ... I anticipate that there will be additional names added as returned/unforwardable/unreceived letters come back to the Post Office. ... The mailing list from which we're working dates back to at least 2005, so we expect updates are needed as folks have moved around, changed jobs, married or re-married, etc. ... Stay tuned to this developing list.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Reunion Gala Invitation Letter to Classmates - Appearing in your U.S. Mailbox Soon!

March 29, 2010

Dear Classmate:

As our Class President, I am pleased to send your formal invitation to CELEBRATE the very special occasion of an historic milestone for us Richmond Raiders: the Silver Anniversary of our graduation. Yep, that’s right – 25 years. Can you believe we’ve already traveled that far since turning our tassels and accepting our high school diplomas, and made the first steps a quarter-century ago toward adulthood, careers, and families?

For the record-breaking 200 classmates who joined us at our reunion five years ago, or those who attended any of our other reunions, or even those who haven’t been able to join us until now … this year’s celebration is extra-special. In fact, by an online vote of approximately one-fourth of the class last year, a strong majority of those voting chose to have this party as a step above the other reunions we’ve had because of its uniqueness.

For that reason, the class selected August 7, 2010 and the historic Pinehurst Hotel in Pinehurst, North Carolina for our PARTY. (We’ve had detailed info about this for several months on our Facebook page and our class blog.)

Here is what I ask you to do as soon as possible:

(1) Review the attached reunion schedule, labeled “A”. (Note: Will appear separately on blog.)

(2) Using the enclosed self-addressed stamped envelope or your email address, either mail the enclosed “B” or email your plans to attend by the deadlines, keeping in mind the significant $$ discounts for prompt responders – the next deadline is April 30.

(3) Mail in either a partial payment of $50 or more or the whole amount in order to lock in for the discount. (We will know by June whether we will be able to accept credit card payments. We’ll keep you posted.)

(4) Review the attached info about the Pinehurst Hotel on “C” and, if you wish to reserve a room and take advantage of discounted room rates and family fun and the resort’s special amenities, then make your reservation no later than June 27. … We lose our unused block of rooms after that date. … If you choose to stay overnight elsewhere in Moore County, then see “C” for alternative lodging. … No one is required to stay at Pinehurst Hotel or any hotel for that matter. It is wholly discretionary and we obtained a block of rooms to offer attendees as a matter of ease and safety.

(5) Please send committee members all updated postal addresses, email addresses, photographs and interesting news about classmates ASAP. Unlike our first two reunions in 1990 and 1995, we now have the wonderful organizing tools of the Internet and various social networking sites. (Who knows … we might even upload available video onto YouTube from several of our past class reunions. Just kidding!)
In closing, we will never have another reunion of this size. There is only one 25-year reunion. The next milestone of this nature will be many years from now. Please don’t miss this opportunity to come together in August 2010 and re-connect with long-ago friends and classmates, plus some surprise guests.

So, let’s prepare for a fun-filled weekend and the best Richmond Raider reunion party there ever has been – I look forward to seeing you at our best and largest reunion yet!


President, RSHS Class of 1985


or, go to our Facebook Page: search “Richmond Senior Class of 1985”

Early Registration Period (first 30 classmates by March 1): $70.25/person

Second Early Registration Period (by April 30): $75/person

Payment plan: You may make up to three installments through July 1.

Regular Registration Period (postmarked after April 30): $80/person

Late Registration for classmates, guests, and special visitors (postmarked after June 30): $100/person
Make your check or money order to:

“RSHS Class of 1985 Reunion” and mail as soon as possible to:
P.O. Box 1654, Hamlet NC 28345

*Note: We hope to have the capacity to handle online payments soon.

Recommended Attire for Evening Gala: Summer Business Casual or Formal (your choice)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Is your mailing address current on our list?

Your class reunion committee is preparing to mail out the formal invitation to classmates for our 25-year reunion. (It's going to be a P-A-R-T-Y, by the way, so don't miss it!) ... But we need your help.

Please review the address list below.

Are you on it?

Is your best friend from high school on it?

Confirm that your address is accurate and also give your email address, if you don't mind.

And, while you're at it, please let me know whether any address has changed for fellow classmates.

Send all confirmations, changes and other information to my email address: as soon as possible!
Thank you.

Below is the mailing list as of September 2005, at the time of our last class reunion.

Kristal Allen Gomiller, 172 Aleo 2nd Ave., Rockingham, NC 28379
Woody Altman, 2405 Quail Run Road Monroe, NC 28112
Cathy Arey Shaw 201 Snead Avenue Rockingham, NC 28379
Kay Baldwin Overby 1629 Crescent Drive Henderson, NC 27531
Randy Ballard 302 McLean Street Hamlet, NC 28345
Ron Barnes 4248 Belle Meade Circle Belmont, NC 28012
Jehu Tyrone Barnes 403 Buttercup Drive Hamlet, NC 28345
Greg Bates 116 Double L Rd Rockingham, NC 28379
Teresa Beachum 220 Mercer Street Marston, NC 28363
Nathan Bearfield 6087 Currituck Rd. Kitty Hawk, NC 27949
Gus Bellamy 143 Chalk Fork Rd Rockingham, NC 28379
Elizabeth Bennett Patterson c/o Mr. James Bennett P.O. Box 494 Hamlet, NC 28345
Elizabeth Berry Skeen 667 Hamilton Road Concord, GA 30206
Salina Bethea 108 Patton Street Hamlet, NC 28345
Lisa Bishop Hall 269 2nd Street Rockingham, NC 28379
Brenda Bivens 251 Springhill Church Rd., Hamlet, NC 28345
Betty Black Wilkerson 103 Sonco Paper Mill Rd., Rockingham, NC 28379
Lillian Blakley 5006 Acorn Creek Trail, Killeen, TX 76542
Ernest Blue 1861 East U.S. Hwy 74 Hamlet, NC 28345
Tina Brigman Melton 348 Freeman Mill Rd Hamlet, NC 28345
Misty Britton Barnes 159 Beane Run Rockingham, NC 28379
Albert Brown 909 Roberdel Rd. Rockingham, NC 28379
Jamie Bullion 130 Loblolly Court Rockingham, NC 28379
Becky Burr Downer P.O. Box 463 Hamlet, NC 28345
Kevin Butler 2708 Oakcrest Place Charlotte, NC 28209
Elizabeth Butler Conley,4680 Eastport Landing Dr. Little River, SC 29566
Cheryl Butler Johnson 236 North Street Hamlet, NC 28345
Debra Cable 11 Van Steenburgh Lane Kingston, NY 12401
Teresa Cain Brown 198 Duck Blind Way Woodbine, GA 31569
Missy Caldwell Ritter 1016 Morningside Dr. Rockingham, NC 28379
Angela Calhoun Bruton 439 County Home Rd Rockingham, NC 28379
Angela Calhoun Brewington P.O. Box 646 Hamlet, NC 28345
Rhonda Callahan P.O. Box 776 Ellerbe, NC 28338
Bryon Campbell 422 Love Lane Rockingham, NC 28379
Hugh Campbell 2413 Forestbluff Dr Fuquay Varina, NC 27526
Terri Carr Mullins 201 Hammond Street Randleman, NC 27317
Sabrina Carter 25337 Stony Mt. Road Albemarle, NC 28001
Jennifer Carter Brach 140 Church Street Ellerbe, NC 28338
Michelle Caulder Myer 155 E. Massachusetts Ave., Southern Pines, NC 28387
Hattie Caulder Smith 6120 Remington Lake Drive Raleigh, NC 27616
Linda Clarke Quick 284 Scotland County Line Rd. Hamlet, NC 28345
Angie Coble Moe 121 Whitney Lane Rockingham, NC 28379
Gary Wayne Coble 735 W. Hamlet Avenue Hamlet, NC 28345
Terry Cockman 168 Pine Lake Circle Ocean Isle, NC 28369
Lisa Coleman English 1101 Richmond Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Robin Collins 250 Connell Rd. Rockingham, NC 28379
Angela Cooper c/o Sandy Cooper 718 Richmond Rd Ext Rockingham, NC 28379
Cathy Covington Johnson 1504 Aversboro Garner, NC 27529
Tracey M. Covington 7977 Ashford Blvd Laurel, MD 20707
Kim Covington Lathan 188 Larry Parsons Rd Ellerbe, NC 28338
Renee Coward McInnis 1900 McDonald Avenue Hamlet, NC 28345
Wendy Cox Fetters 429 Villa Rosa Road Temple, GA 50179
Karen Crowder P.O. Box 1152 Hamlet, NC 28345
Pam Currie Rt. 2, Box 40 Hamlet, NC 28345
Earle D. Cutner 2618-H Randleman Rd. Greensboro, NC 27406
Patti Daigle Rodriguez 1500 Huntington Trail Cascade, Virginia 24069
Jennifer Davis Richardson 2519 Lawton Bluff Rd. Charlotte, NC 28226
Darla Davis 112 Hickory Street Rockingham, NC 28379
Ellen Davis 145 Stonehurst Drive Goose Creek, SC 29445
Renee Davis West 279 Crestview Drive Rockingham, NC 28379
Bobby Pittman Deaver 126 North Ave Hamlet, NC 28345
Leigh Deese Stewart 161 Hamer Mill Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Glenda Diggs Cummins 143 Shady Oak Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Vickie Dorsett Parsons P.O. Box #4 Ellerbe, NC 28338
Robin Douglas P.O. Box 563 Gibson, NC 28343
Edward Douglas 113 Cecil Lane Rockingham, NC 28379
Anthony Q. Downey P.O. Box 2113 Rockingham, NC 28379
Melvin Ray Dumas 3110 Belmont Court Jacksonville, NC 28546
Jimmy Dunlap 1283 N. NC 177 Hwy Marston, NC 28363
Scott Dycus 1677 Sandhill Game Mgmt Rd. Rockingham, NC 28379
Anne Edge Miller P.O. Box 425 Hamlet, NC 28345
Joe Ellerbe 106 Somerset Drive Raeford, NC 28376
Sherry Evers Williams 409 Midway Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Audrey Fifer Eaton P.O. Box 204 Hoffman, NC 28347
Eddie Frye 711 McDonald Church Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Sharon Gibson Gardner 292 Gibson Nursery Road Ellerbe, NC 28338
Stephanie Gilmore P.O. Box 272 Hoffman, NC 28347
Gina Goodman Burgin 441 Navigator Way Pawley's Island, SC 29585
Wayne Goodwin 528 Anson Avenue Rockingham, NC 28379
Rusty Goodwin 2130 Brookbank Rd Rockingham, NC 28379
Casey Wayne Goodwin 208 Valley Drive High Point, NC 27260
Vicky Green 136 Raider Rd Rockingham, NC 28379
Jimmy Greene 275 Bennett Rd. Ellerbe, NC 28338
Fontella Griffin P.O. Box 130 Norman, NC 28367
Tammy Griffin Shrinker 171 Brookwood Lane Ellerbe, NC 28338
Bobbie Nunley Griggs 142 Patterson Street Rockingham, NC 28379
Kevin Grooms 267 Church Street Rockingham, NC 28379
Mark Guinn 2529 Hairetown Rd. Wallace, SC 29596
Glenn Hall 697 Rosebud Court Vass, NC 28394
James M. Hall P.O. Box 806 Rockingham, NC 28379
Vanessa Hardee Johnson 135 Lady Mary Ln. Apt. E-3 Rockingham, NC 28379
Dana Hassler Lovin 404 Poplar Street Hamlet, NC 28345
Albert Hatcher 790 Battley Dairy Rd Rockingham, NC 28380
Dawn Neal Hatcher 111 E. Faison Clinton, NC 28328
Laurie Hawks 476 Sandy Ridge Church Road Ellerbe, NC 28338
Regina Hawks 306 Entwistle Street Hamlet, NC 28345
Mike Henry 3212 Stonesthrow Ln, Apt. 8 Durham, NC 27713
Dubby High 103 Pinedale Drive Rockingham, NC 28379
W. Bill Hill Sandhills Game Mgmt Rd Ellerbe, NC 28338
Sherry Honeycutt Russell 426 Old Wix Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Sarah Howell 503 Henderson St., Apt. 2 Hamlet, NC 28345
Lisa Hudson 405 Lewarae Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Carla Huggins Byrd 102 Quail Creek Court Rockingham, NC 28379
Lisa Hunt 3737 English Oak Drive Lincolnton, NC 28092
John Hutchinson 707 Cumberland Circle Rockingham, NC 28379
Carol Ingram Bryant 332 Wiregrass Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Curtis Ingram 1108 Rice Street Hamlet, NC 28345
Valerie Ingram Harrison 146 Philadelphia Drive Rockingham, NC 28379
Kim Ivey Adams 612 Richmond Rd. Ext. Rockingham, NC 28379
Angela Jackson Purcell 708 W. Church St. Laurinburg, NC 28352
Russell Jackson 105 Whitaker Court Vass, NC 28394
Jerry Jenkins 1240 Hwy. 73 Ellerbe, NC 28338
William Archie Jernigan P.O. Box 661 Hamlet, NC 28345
M. Wayne Johnson 143 Dixie Trail Hamlet, NC 28345
Yvette Johnson, 3435 Gateshead Manor Way, Apt 304, Silver Spring, MD 20904
Billy Jones 316 Northwoods Dr. Raeford, NC 28376
Catherine Jones Adams 103 Rose Street Hamlet, NC 28345
Butch Jordan 139 Snead Avenue Rockingham, NC 28379
Sherrie Kelly Ramella 155 Brown Street Middleton, CT 06457
Anthony King 283 Crestview Drive Rockingham, NC 28379
Teresa King Phillips 110 Dave Kings Rd Rockingham, NC 28379
Jewell Anne Kirkley Bullard, c/o Anne Kirkley, 902 Jefferson St, Hamlet, NC 28345
Sandra Knight Smith 100 Sanford Street Rockingham, NC 28379
Doris Ledbetter Page 114 Pam Street Hamlet, NC 27345
Michelle Lee Henry 412 Deweese Ave. Rockingham, NC 28379
Greg Lee 162 Trailcrest Dr. Rockingham, NC 28379
Mark T. Legrand 200 Farriers Ln., Lot 23 Jamestown, NC 27282
Kathy Little Denson 688 E. Washington St. Rockingham, NC 28379
Heath Love 106 Nika Street Rockingham, NC 28379
Rodney Lovin 777 Wire Grass Road Hamlet, NC 28345
Eddie Lowery 1063 US Hwy 1 N Rockingham, NC 28379
Denise Lozares 3672-1A Clairemont Dr. San Diego, CA 92117
Johnny Lynch 457 US #1 Hwy S. Rockingham, NC 28379
Rodney Mabe 8 Clarendon Lane Pinehurst, NC 28374
Lorrie Mabe Tatum P.O. Box 2524 Rockingham, NC 28379
Bobby Mabe P.O. Box 1158 Ellerbe, NC 28338
Kelly Mabe Kirk 323 Ledbetter Road Rockingham, NC 28379
John Mack 316 Silver Grove Church Rd Rockingham, NC 28379
Greg Marks 142 Terry Bridge Rd. Rockingham, NC 28379
John Martin P.O. Box 951 Laurinburg, NC 28352
Melinda Martin 182 Longwood Street Hamlet, NC 28345
Ronald Maynard 147 Broadway Street Rockingham, NC 28379
Greg McAuley 1311 Haywood Parker Rd. Ellerbe, NC 28338
Donald & Leigh McCormick 305 Cheraw Road Hamlet, NC 28345
Sandra McDonald Bettis 119 Pinecroft Street Rockingham, NC 28379
Marcella McDonald 123 Starlight Drive Rockingham, NC 28379
Chris McDonald c/o Betty Snow 406 Fire Tower Road Ellerbe, NC 28338
Andra McDonald Douglas 124 Mandella Lane Rockingham, NC 28379
Terri McFayden 5-A Dogwood Terrace Pinehurst, NC 28374
Chris McFayden Klein 5200 Falcon Chase Lane Atlanta, Georgia 30342
Pam McInnis Wackerhagen 620 Brandon Court Lexington, SC 29072
Scott McInnis 1900 McDonald Avenue Hamlet, NC 28345
Trudi McIntyre Long P.O. Box 976 Ellerbe, NC 28338
Ken McIntyre 2321 Old Aberdeen Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Jimmy McKay 410 Ledbetter Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Vernon McKinnon 239 Northside Drive Rockingham, NC 28379
Annie McLaurin 122 Oxford Road Lexington, NC 27292
Anita McLendon Rush 204 Aqua Marine Lane Knightdale, NC 27545
Carolyn Jean McNeil 220 Waymon Chapel Road Hamlet, NC 28345
Missy McNeill Collins 1510 St. Johns Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Celena McQueen Harris 301 Salem Drive Rockingham, NC 28379
Kellie Meacham Benson 111 Joyce St. Rockingham, NC 28379
Scott Medlin 330 Fox Run Rd. Pinehurst, NC 28374
Tonya Michael Hyde 9830 Morningfield Road San Antonio, TX 78250
Beth Middleton Jones 218 Regency Drive Nashville, NC 27856
Sonja Ann Miller-Douzal 15 quai Aspirant Herber 34200 SETE, FRANCE
Scott Mims c/o Steve Mims 128 Hollow Trail Rockingham, NC 28379
Jeff Mohn 409 James Avenue Hamlet, NC 28345
Pam Moore Wildes 12080 Wallace Woods Ln. Alpharetta, GA 30004
Kevin Morgan 630 Circle Trace Road Monroe, NC 28110
Dorotheia Mormon 117 Philadelphia Drive Rockingham, NC 28379
Cathy Mormon 117 Philadelphia Drive Rockingham, NC 28379
Jerri Mormon Lytch P.O. Box 2382 Rockingham, NC 28379
Maria Morris Garner 406 Lord Granville Dr. Morehead City, NC 28557
Darrell Moseley 370 Northam Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Jamie Moss-Godfrey c/o Remax Realty 1227 Rockingham Rd. Rockingham, NC 28379
Phillip Neal 3310 Brookstone Trail Indian Trail, NC 28280
Rose Neighbors Brightbill 213 Tanbridge Road Wilmington, NC 28405
Pam Newton Welker 2204 Wakespring Court Raleigh, NC 27614
Dorraine Newton Saillor 138 Chance Drive Rockingham, NC 28379
Harold Nicholson P.O. Box 1096 Ellerbe, NC 28338
Tom Pangborn 10202 Bushveld Lane Raleigh, NC 27613-6148
Tanya Patrick Mercer P.O. Box 1552 Hamlet, NC 28345
Kim Payne LeBerth 427 Cumberland Circle Rockingham, NC 28379
Karen Pearce 1419 Kelly Road Garner, NC 27529
Jason Perakis 1496 Beaverbrook Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Steven Perry P.O. Box 1436 Hamlet, NC 28345
Pat Phoumsavath 139 Rumple Hill Drive Statesville, NC 28677
Gay Pittman Deaver 126 North Ave Hamlet, NC 28345
Diane Poland Wallace 115 Clearfield Drive Rockingham, NC 28379
Christie Ponds Padgett 1617 Plum Nelly Rd. Rockingham, NC 28379
Ray Poole 1015 Glenndale Drie Apt. 20-E Greensboro, NC 28406
Lisa Pope Wright 133 West Whitley Street Norwood, NC 28128
Stephen Porter 963 Arbor Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Cricket Poston 594 Wilmuth Circle West Columbia, SC 29170
Bonnie Powell Leviner 137 Patterson Street Rockingham, NC 28379
Tammy Prevatte 503 Hamlet Avenue Hamlet, NC 28345
Chris Pruitt Shepherd 151 Roberdel School Rd Rockingham, NC 28379
Tim Quick 284 Scotland County Line Rd. Hamlet, NC 28345
Meg Rainey Clarke 46912 Foxstone Place Sterling, VA 20165
Tim Rainwater 101 Bel Aire Street Hamlet, NC 28345
Craig Rainwater 17 Grace Drive Thomasville, NC 27360
Angela Rainwater 544 Hwy. #1 South Rockingham, NC 28379
Ed Ramsey 113 McKinnon Dr. Rockingham, NC 28379
Larry Rankin c/o Tom Rankin 302 James Avenue Hamlet, NC 28345
Arthur Ratliff 700 NC Hwy 381 Hamlet, NC 28345
Michelle Ratliff Dobbins 1615 Atlantic Avenue Williamstown, NJ 08094
Mark Rhyne 200 McNeil Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Jackie Robinson 114 Myers Ln. Hamlet, NC 28345
Denisha Robinson 402 Bryan Street Rockingham, NC 28379
Lillian Rogers Rt. 2 Box 289 Wadesboro, NC 28170
Renee Russ Fulp 151 Creek Run Lane Rockingham, NC 28379
Frank Newton Saillor 138 Chance Drive Rockingham, NC 28379
Kim Sanders c/o Leonard Sanders 108 McKinnon Drive Rockingham, NC 28379
Angela Sanford Watkins 823 Loch Haven Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Malynda Scholl Campbell 2413 Forestbluff Dr Fuquay Varina, NC 27526
John Sears 148 W. Page St. Ellerbe, NC 28338
Calvin Sedberry 568 Reynolds Drie Candor, NC 27229
Lisa Shankle Sharpe 142 Back Street Rockingham, NC 28379
Lisa Shephard Benoist 1020 Peace Drive Rockingham, NC 28379
Linda Short 512 Ridge Circle Hamlet, NC 28345
Roger Sikes 211 E. Temple Avenue Rockingham, NC 28379
James (Jabo) Simmons 712 Buckout Street Stanley, NC 28164
Taft Simmons 209 Mark Drive Johnson City, TN 37615
Parneice Sledge 315 West Avenue Hamlet, NC 28345
Laine Smith McKnight 502 Robert E. Lee Drive Wilmington, NC 28412
Lane Smith McCaskill 9333 Greensward Road Houston, TX 77080
Suzy Smith 599 Freeman Mill Rd Hamlet, NC 28345
Tony Smith 498 Haywood Parker Rd. Ellerbe, NC 28338
Deborah Spears Brown 181 Selah Drive Rockingham, NC 28379
Marsha Speight 1102 Hanford Dr. Rockingham, NC 28379
Lucy Spivey 908 Cedar Court Aberdeen, NC 28315
Helen Stacey 244 Gaston McLean Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Agnes Steen 64 Ghio Road Hamlet, NC 28345
Karen Strong Allen 1211 Castlewood Drive Rockingham, NC 28379
Angela Strong c/o Geneva Strong 108 McArthur St Hamlet, NC 28345
Opie Swails 9781 Rockingham Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Susan Sweatt P.O. Box 1512 Rockingham, NC 28379
John Mark Swink 141 County Home Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Alice Talbert Ledford c/o Mrs. Talbert 347 Wire Grass Rd Rockingham, NC 28379
Leigh Ann Thomas Ray 104 Fairway Dr. Rockingham, NC 28379
Benjie Thomas 1915 Ardsley Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Emily Thompson Cobb 5305 Thaxton Place Raleigh, NC 27612
Tammy Thompson 387 Crestview Drive Rockingham, NC 28379
Keith Thompson 842 Capel Mill Rd. Ellerbe, NC 28338
Robin Thrower McRae 155 Lakeshore Dr. Rockingham, NC 28379
Angela Turner Williams 108 Blewett Ave. Rockingham, NC 28379
Vickie Utley Chambers 155 Gaston McLean Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Celia Waddell McCoy 112 Mingocrest Drive Knightdale, NC 27545
Ruben Wall 3346 Tarleton West Durham, NC 27713
Thomas Wall P.O. Box 191417 Mobile, AL 36619
Sandra Wall Ingram 195 Ledbetter Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Henrietta Wall 2942 Briar Ridge Rd Columbus, OH 43232
Wanda Wall P.O. Box 501566 Atlanta, GA 31150-1566
Tim Warner 36 Sabbatia Drie Whispering Pines, NC 28327
Bruce Webb 1000 Rainwater Lane Rockingham, NC 28379
Ronnie West 7613 Kingswood Drive Myrtle Beach, SC 29572
Mark Whitaker 3728 Deerfield Street High Point, NC 27265
Samantha Lynn White c/o Rushing/Bostic Family 201 Rushing Road Hoffman, NC 28347
Amy Wilbun Hubbard 1104 Skipworth Rd. Richmond, VA 23229
Angela Wilkes James 161 Bear Branch Road Rockingham, NC 28379
Stephen Williams 160 Linbrook Drive Winston Salem, NC 27106
Frank Williams 102 Glenmore Drive Rockingham, NC 28379
Claudine Lynette Williams 918 JFK Drive Rockingham, NC 28379
Allen Williams 618 Washington Ave. Hamlet, NC 28345
Melissa Williams King 3229 Lochinvar Dr Durham, NC 27705
Regina Williams Ballard 829 Quincy St. NW #302 Washington, D.C. 20011
Regina Williams Hicks 5612 Weslow Willow Cir #112 Greensboro, NC 27409
Teresa Wilson 1217 Jones Springs Church Rd. Ellerbe, NC 28338
Jeff Woodall 1918 Southwind Drive Charlotte, NC 28216
James (Kirby) Woodard P.O. Box 54 Hamlet, NC 28345
Sammy Young 7224 Lancer Drive Charlotte, NC 28226

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Register Now for Our 25-Year Reunion and Save $30 Per Person!

Invitation to the One and Only 25th Year Class Reunion of the Richmond Raiders Class of 1985

Because of the extra-special nature of this reunion, and by the online vote of our classmates, we are having this reunion at

The Historic Pinehurst Resort & Hotel
Saturday, 7 August 2010

Swimming, Golfing, Shopping, Spa, etc. (all optional; not covered by reunion fee) 9 am-4 pm

Pre-event Private Reception(s) and Hospitality (all optional) 4-6 pm

Check-in and Late Registration; Mixer 6-7 pm

Official Welcome 7 pm

Elegant Dinner 7-8 pm

Program, Recognitions, Official Photos & Awards 8 pm

Dancing/Entertainment 8:30 pm - 1 am
But to ensure that you save $$$ and have seats reserved for you and your guest, then you need to register NOW!

Early Registration Period (first 30 classmates by March 1): $70.25/person

Second Early Registration Period (next 30 classmates or by April 1, whichever comes first): $75/person

Regular Registration Period (after the first 60 classmates or after April 1, whichever comes first): $80/person

Late Registration for classmates and guests (after June 1): $100/person
Payment plan: You may make up to three installments through July 1.

Make your check or money order to:

“RSHS Class of 1985 Reunion” and mail as soon as possible to:
P.O. Box 1654, Hamlet NC 28345

*Note: We hope to have the capacity to handle online payments by April.
Recommended Attire: Summer Business Casual or Formal (your choice)

Please also send your name (including your name in high school, if it has changed) and the name of your guest, if any; your email address; and any interesting information or updates since the last reunion that you'd like for the class to know.
Hotel accommodations: We have a block of rooms reserved at the Pinehurst Resort for our reunion, with some on Friday night but most on Saturday night, August 7. Even if you need to make installment payments for reunion registration, please go ahead and reserve your room. We have a good discounted price. We will lose the discounted price and unreserved rooms after June 27. Persons reserving the rooms have very special access to many unique hotel amenities, including the spa, golf, swimming pool, etc. Call 800.487.4653 and be sure to ask for the Richmond Class of 1985 block, or go online here or to reserve your room today by credit card!
Information: please call Wayne Goodwin at (910) 997-1301 or email him at

If you haven’t been before or if you’ve attended our others, the 25th year reunion for the Class of 1985 will be the very best ever that we’ll have … Please don’t miss it!