Saturday, May 1, 2010

We Need Updated Addresses for These Classmates, Part 2

Betty Black Wilkerson
Tina Brigman Melton
Kevin Butler
Hugh Campbell
Audrey Fifer Eaton
Glenn Hall
James M. Hall
Dawn Neal Hatcher
Yvette Johnson
Missy McNeill Collins
Scott Medlin
Ray Poole
Craig Rainwater
Malynda Scholl Campbell
Susan Sweatt
Tammy Thompson

Please let me know the recent mailing address or email address you have for the above persons, or any other helpful information that will help us track down our classmates (whether on the list above or not)! Also look at some additional names by clicking here at this link ... I anticipate that there will be additional names added as returned/unforwardable/unreceived letters come back to the Post Office. ... The mailing list from which we're working dates back to at least 2005, so we expect updates are needed as folks have moved around, changed jobs, married or re-married, etc. ... Stay tuned to this developing list.

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